Proposed Timeline

Here are the proposed timelines for key events in the project.

Spring 2015

Council Support. SH Trust is currently working with County, District and Town Councils to secure agreement with the Landlord, Redcliffe Homes, for the development of the House.

Summer 2015

Lease. Following negotiations with Redcliffe Homes, SH Trust will sign the Master Lease.

Appointment of Centre Director. The Centre Director will be responsible for managing the venue, including all commercial and operational aspects.

Spring 2016

Basic fit out. The landlord will equip the spaces with heating, flooring, lighting, doors and basic decoration.

Summer 2016

Final fit-out. Tenants of each space, e.g the Cookery School will then fit out their space with the final equipment, furniture and finishes required by them.

Landscaping. The grounds will be remodelled and improved to support the vision for the House.

Autumn 2016

Opening. Sherborne House opens to the public!


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