Three reasons why Sherborne House is so important


Since presenting the vision for Sherborne House earlier in the year, the Trustees have been overwhelmed with support for the project. Offers of help, in all shapes and sizes, have been pouring in!

The Trustees have been busy meeting stakeholders, including representatives of the County, District and Town councils. There is real momentum for the project. We will continue to keep you posted on developments.

People are really excited by the benefits of the project, not just for the town, but for communities across the region.

Here are three reasons why Sherborne House is so important.

Sherborne House will be of national significance

Sherborne House is a stunning and unique Grade One Listed building, steeped in history. On its architectural merits alone, it is a tourist attraction. The vision is to use this building to host artworks of national significance. The gallery will aim for high-level security so that it can exhibit valuable art to rival the big galleries in London.

Sherborne House

It will generate jobs and boost trade

Council officers estimated that less than a year after the Gallery’s opening, the Tate St Ives had increased sales in local businesses by 5%, representing an increase in employment of up to 15 full time equivalents. Sherborne House is not on the same scale as the Tate but it will create jobs and bring more visitors to the town and the shops.

It will provide facilities for a wide range of people

The vision is for a multi-functional venue. Yes, it will boast a beautiful art gallery, but it will also feature educational art facilities, a café and potentially a cooking school. Then there are the grounds. Once landscaped, they will be able to host outdoor events (think of Last Night of the Proms on a big screen!) and a gorgeous venue for wedding receptions. It has so much potential and people will want to spend time in its beautiful surroundings.

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