Trust update

Latest Update from the Trust: 

Over the last few months the board has been working on putting together a robust Business Plan, Proposal and feasibility study for returning to the refurbished House. Discussions and negotiations have been taking place on many levels and a professional employed in order to deliver the numbers.

Alongside this we have joined forces with SCACTS in order to explore all possibilities of establishing a permanent and cohesive arts offer for the town and surrounding inhabitants. It has all been very gratifying and exciting but ultimately fairly pointless without either an agreement on terms to return tot he House or support from the local Councils.

In order to secure this the Trust us holding an event on the 23rd of January 2015 at the Gryphon School Conference Centre in order to unveil the vision for the House in front of  all key parties.

You will be very pleased to hear that a part of this presentation will be used to focus upon our future programme of exhibitions to take place over the next five years which will have at their centre the work of Dame Elisabeth Frink. We have the Estate curator, Annette Ratuszniak to  thank for her considerable input in developing this.

Exciting and nerve wracking times for all the Trustees as you may imagine!

Want to get a look at the House now that it is [nearly] fully restored?

Following the presence of a number of TV production companies at the House late last year [in order to film a follow up to the BBC's 'RESTORATION' series which featured the House ten years ago] the Trust took the opportunity to plunder their rushes…

Click on the link below for a sneaky peak…